Venture Builders, Inc

Venture Builder’s business development methods are permission-based and subject to the Principle of Fiduciary Duty.

The lack of permission is what makes cold-calling cold.  But cold-calling is just one form of what I call The Cold Approach™. Are you tired of cold-calling? I have an alternative for you.

Fiduciary duty, which requires us always to place our clients’ interests first, is why soliciting clients for referrals is off limits.  Are you uncomfortable asking your clients for referrals?  I have an alternative for you.


Venture Builder, Inc. is a business consulting firm headed by John Rodolff.

SPECIALTY. My area of focus is business development. I show clients how to grow revenues by using my proprietary BizBuilder System™. This unique system provides an alternative to the following six methods that most professionals use to get new clients.

    1. Cold-calling (by phone or by knocking on doors)
    2. Cold-mailing (i.e., direct mail)
    3. Cold-emailing (i.e., opt-out emails)
    4. Cold-touching™ (i.e., selling to other people at a business event, such as a chamber mixer)
    5. Soliciting referrals from clients
    6. Marketing to, or soliciting referrals from, friends, neighbors or relatives

TARGET MARKET. My target market is professional service providers that range in size from sole practitioners to practices with about 20 professionals. Examples are attorneys, accountants, web & graphic designers, insurance agents, and alternative healthcare practitioners. More generally, a professional is any service provider who is required to be licensed, certified or have special training or education.

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